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    sábado, maio 17, 2014

    Mesmo com saques em Pernambuco, vai ter Copa

    (Recife, PE)
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    Game of Thrones and the Case for Trial by Combat

     Game of Thrones

    "Trial by combat is actually a real thing, as are many of the practices in the Thrones universe. As Business Insider pointed out back when Tyrion first used that legal loophole, some people actually think that those accused of crimes in the U.S. — like, today, not back in colonial times — have the right to demand such a decision-making process. The idea is that when the original colonies were founded they used British common law, but England didn’t repeal the right to trial by combat until 1819; in theory, because trial by combat was O.K. in the U.K. in 1776, the U.S. picked up that tradition, and the framers of the Constitution didn’t make an effort to lay out anything to the contrary. In practice, however, it’s never been attempted and would be unlikely to get any court’s approval. (A guy in the U.K. tried, hilariously, about a decade ago. It didn’t work.) "

    read the article by Lily Rothman>

    Game of Thrones and the Case for Trial by Combat |

    Justice, medieval style


    "The ordeal system worked surprisingly well. It accurately determined who was guilty and who was innocent, sorting genuine criminals from those who had been wrongly accused. Stranger still, the ordeal system suggests that pervasive superstition can be good for society. Medieval legal systems leveraged citizens’ superstitious beliefs through ordeals, making it possible to secure criminal justice where it would have otherwise been impossible to do so. Some superstitions, at least, may evolve and persist for a good reason: They help us accomplish goals we couldn’t otherwise accomplish, or accomplish them more cheaply.

    First, consider the reasoning of the defendants. Guilty believers expected God to reveal their guilt by harming them in the ordeal. They anticipated being boiled and convicted. Innocent believers, meanwhile, expected God to protect them in the ordeal. They anticipated escaping unscathed, and being exonerated.

    The only defendants who would have been willing to go through with the ordeal were therefore the innocent ones. Guilty defendants would have preferred to avoid the ordeal - by confessing their crimes, settling with their accusers, or fleeing the realm"

    read article by Peter Leeson 

    Justice, medieval style - The Boston Globe

    sexta-feira, maio 16, 2014

    O mundo no ano 2014

    (Belo Horizonte, MG) 
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    Prejuízo, desespero e gargalhadas


    E a historia da nossa falecida porta de pinho de riga foi parar no jornal,

    Na coluna da Cora Ronai narrando desventuras de obras & reformas.

     Prejuízo, desespero e gargalhadas | cora rónai | internETC.

    (fotografia cora ronai)

    Surpresa na convocação do Felipão!

    (Novo Hamburgo, RS)

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    Maria Gaetana Agnesi's 296th birthday: Google celebrates mathematician with Witch of Agnesi Doodle

    Agnesi is believed to be the first woman in the Western world to gain a reputation as a mathematician.
    The mathematical curve named after her is achieved by drawing a line from the source through the circle of radius.
     see it here
     News - Gadgets and Tech - The Independent

    Figurinhas dificeis

    (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
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    quinta-feira, maio 15, 2014

    De gatos e cobras

     As incessantes exibições & postagens do video com o gato que se atira sobre um cão para defender uma criança prestes a ser estraçalhada me remete a algo que é uma das mais antigas lembranças que eu tenho (e não é pra menos, como veremos a seguir).

    Eu tinha tres anos e brincava no quintal da minha casa. A cobra era verde, camuflada entre a grama, e por isso não a vi até que estivesse muito em cima. Ela se assustou e se empertigou toda, sibilante, lingua veloz. Ssssss. A cobra olhando para mim e eu olhando para a cobra. Fascinado, apavorado - ou ambos - não conseguia me mexer. Mas a cobra sim e deu um bote.

    No que ela se atirou algo se quebrou no encanto e dei um salto pro lado a tempo da cobra errar a picada. Cai no chão e a cobra se enroscando nela mesma preparou-se pra segunda estocada. Sssss.

    Nisso como um raio um rastro de preto veio veloz minha gata Friskie e se atirou sobre o réptil. A cobra e a gata se atracaram. Uma briga ruidosa e nervosa, eu urrava, urrava, com medo por mim, com medo pela Friskie, que estraçalhou a cobra com garras e dentes. Partida, a cobra morreu. Assim como, logo depois, inchada de veneno, estrebuchando, partiu minha gata preta.

    Penso até hoje que Friskie salvou minha vida recém-começada. Poderia ter sido eu.

    Se houvessem cameras de segurança nos cafundós das fazendas e nos confins do passado Friskie seria uma heroína dos memes.
    Mas passa sempre nos meus pesadelos e nas minhas saudades.


    Mad Men’s Shocking Moments, Season by Season


    Last night's Mad Men featured one of the show's more disturbing moments. Spoilers follow for this week's episode.

    Ginsberg, in the throes of a severe mental health crisis, presented Peggy with the gift of his severed nipple. Shocking! Gross! And totally in keeping with Mad Men's affection for gross and shocking moments. Let's go back season by season through some of Mad Men's most surprising instances of "violence, grossness, depravity, and all-around surprise."

     read it here:
    Mad Men’s Shocking Moments, Season by Season -- Vulture

    O dedo dos linchamentos

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    Giger: Swiss surrealist rewrote the rulebook on how to design a movie monster


    "The Alien creature was based on a Giger print named "Necronom IV", and marked a major departure from the clichéd green men often seen in movies until then. Giger's alien was androgynous, eyeless, and insectoid, playing off the artist's prior exploration of what he called biomechanical themes. Its design also had a clear sexual subtext, with its phallic head and disturbing reproductive system; the crab-like "facehugger" form wraps itself around a victim's head, impregnating it so the infant alien can burst out of the chest."

    see photos of a Giger exhibit: 

    'Alien' artist H.R. Giger dead at 74 | The Verge

    pela cochlea: Jolie Holland: The Grey Funnel Line

    Don't mind the rain or the rolling sea
    The weary nights never trouble me
    But the hardest time on a sailor's day
    Is to watch the sun as it sinks away
    Just one more day on the Grey Funnel Line.

    A verdadeira mensagem da propaganda política do PT

    (Curitiba, PR)

    The Surprising Moment From Last Episode's Mad Men --

    Last night's Mad Men took a real turn there at the end. 

    Ginsberg, increasingly freaked out by the new office computer and (surely) the multiple 2001: A Space Odyssey references swirling around the office, "released the valve" by ... cutting off his own nipple. Then he gave Peggy the remnants.

     see it here:
    The Surprising Moment From Last Night’s Mad Men -- Vulture

    Why Do We Love Gisele Bundchen but Hate Gwyneth Paltrow?


    "Gwyneth Paltrow wants to tell you how to live your life. She preaches eating clean and has claimed she’d “rather die than eat cheese from a tin.” She infamously replaced the word “divorce” with her self-proclaimed term “conscious uncoupling.” She’s also an Academy Award-winning actress. But with her GOOP-y, “I’m better than you” attitude, which has made her one of the most hated—or at least irritating—women in Hollywood, it’s certainly hard to remember that.

    Despite her reigning status on the “Perfect Life” list, Paltrow isn’t the only more-wholesome-than-thou celebrity. On Wednesday, Gisele Bündchen channeled her inner Gwyneth, talking homemade fruit leather and raising chickens in the backyard of her California home with Food and Wine magazine. “Benjamin and I make his school snack together—fruit leather in our dehydrator,” the world’s highest paid supermodel said. “You can use any fruit, but I always use banana as the base because it has great texture and sweetness. My son is so proud; he goes to school and tells all his friends he made his own snack.” 
    On home-grown produce, she explained: “I have a beautiful garden in L.A. where I raise chickens. We have very little waste because the chickens eat all of the vegetable scraps, and anything they won’t eat I put in my compost pile with the chicken poo.”

    Had these comments come from Paltrow’s mouth, readers everywhere would have been sighing, ‘Not again, Gwyn,’ with an air of expected disgust. Yet, despite her GOOP-like statements (which aren’t the first of their kind, might I add), Gisele has somehow been able to sustain a desirable—even enviable—image, while Paltrow has become, according to a poll conducted by Star magazine, “the most hated woman in Hollywood.” Why are we so quick to swoon over the supermodel, but seriously hate on the celebrity spawn, especially when they share the seemingly same desire to flaunt their privileged lifestyle?"

    Why Do We Love Gisele Bundchen but Hate Gwyneth Paltrow? - The Daily Beast

    quarta-feira, maio 14, 2014

    Felipão vai pro inferno

    (Campinas, SP)

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    Alien designer HR Giger: 'I am afraid of my visions'

     His human-machine fusions, with weapons, teeth, and occult symbols – a visual aesthetic at once unreal and recognisable – changed film monsters for ever. What more could we ask for?

     Alien sculpture HR Giger museum, Switzerland

    It would be unfair to demand more of Giger. He's done plenty enough. He seems to have genuinely gazed into the abyss. What he brought back was mercifully filtered through a refined visual sensibility. "Sometimes people only see horrible, terrible things in my paintings," Giger once said. "I tell them to look again, and they may see two elements in my paintings – the horrible things and the nice things."

    read the obit by STEVE ROSE
    Alien designer HR Giger: 'I am afraid of my visions' | Film |

    Contagem regressiva para a Copa

    (São Paulo, SP)
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    pela cochlea: Pixies - Dead

    we're apin' rapin' tapin' catharsis
    you get torn down and get erected
    my blood is working but my, my heart is

    Amy Davidson: The Return of Monica Lewinsky :

     “You want me out of your life,” Monica Lewinsky wrote in a draft of a letter to President Bill Clinton in December, 1997. At that point, their sexual encounters in his Oval Office study, which had begun two years earlier during a government shutdown and were facilitated by a pizza delivery, were still secret. “I will never forget what you said that night we fought on the phone—if you had known what I was really like you would never have gotten involved with me. I’m sure you’re not the first person to have felt that way about me. I am sorry that this has been such a bad experience.” But, she wrote, she had some Christmas presents for him." 

    "Last week, Monica Lewinsky published an essay about her life as an object of extreme mass voyeurism. The Clintons may not see it this way, but there is a sense in which they were lucky that Lewinsky, of all people, was the woman to whom Bill had effectively entrusted his political career."

    read more
    Amy Davidson: The Return of Monica Lewinsky : The New Yorker

    Felipão revela qual o adversário mais dificil

    (Vitoria, ES)

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    Pesquisadores encontram restos que seriam de caravela de Colombo -

     Possíveis destroços da Santa Maria, nau capitânea da expedição que descobriu as Américas, estão no fundo do mar, ao Norte do Haiti

     Para achar a caravela, pesquisadores basearam-sem nos diários de Cristóvão Colombo Foto: BYRON SMITH / NYT

    - Temos poucas caravelas descobertas no mundo. Grande parte de nossa memória sobre elas é de filmes de Hollywood, que se basearam em desenhos manuscritos do século XVI. Tanto foi assim que, quando o Brasil quis comemorar os 500 anos do descobrimento, fizeram uma réplica do barco sem ouvir arqueólogos. O resultado foi um fracasso - disse Rambelli, referindo-se à nau capitânia que faria a mesma viagem de Pedro Álvares de Cabral, mas quebrou no meio do Oceâno Atlântico e teve de chegar ao Brasil rebocada.

    Pesquisadores encontram restos que seriam de caravela de Colombo - Jornal O Globo

    Yes, but where else do I know these Game of Thrones actors from?


    We’ve also found ourselves plunged back into the midst of one of the biggest ensemble casts on TV, and occasionally snapping our fingers at the screen going “Him! Him! That guy! Wasn’t he in that thing with the other guy from whatjacallit?” It’s one of the great joys of this exquisitely made show that the cast is so rich and deep and full of “that guy” character actors, but it can also be a bit of a pain when their other credits don’t come readily to mind, or when they’re rendered so unrecognisable under prosthetics, accents and/or exotic costumes that you simply can’t place them. In an effort to combat that irritation, we’ve compiled this handy list running through the main credits of the main cast members of “Game of Thrones” so you can commit this all to memory and then concentrate on more important stuff, like theorizing about who Jon Snow’s mother was and marveling at the cut of the Khaleesi’s desert chic dresses.
    read it here: 
    The Best Performances From The 'Game Of Thrones' Cast|The Playlist

    Brasil é o país que mais gasta com campanha eleitoral no mundo

    "Gil Castelo Branco, do site Contas Abertas, diz que, para cada R$ 1 doado para campanhas, as empresas obtêm de volta R$ 8,50 em obras públicas. "

    leia mais
    Brasil é o país que mais gasta com campanha eleitoral no mundo | Blog do BG

    O que a Pátria ganhou de Dia das Mães

    (Campinas, SP)

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    pela cochlea: - Steppenwolf

    segunda-feira, maio 12, 2014

    Brazilian officials are giving up on some unfinished World Cup projects


    "Brazil is scaling back its World Cup ambitions and reining in expectations as officials concede they are running out of time. Curitiba’s media center is the latest casualty, but numerous projects will be left half-finished, delayed until after the tournament or simply abandoned."

    "Thousands of impoverished Brazilians live in camp near World Cup stadium: The “People’s Cup” camp houses thousands of impoverished Brazilians who are living illegally just two miles from São Paulo’s World Cup stadium. Camp residents blame the construction of the arena for rent increases that drove them out of their homes. "

    read the article by DOM PHILIPS: 

    Brazilian officials are giving up on some unfinished World Cup projects - The Washington Post:

    O presente de Dia das Mães que Lula deu para Dilma

    (Joinville, SC)
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    How to tell you're reading a gothic novel


    When Horace Walpole published his 'gothic story' The Castle of Otranto, he launched a literary movement which has sired monsters, unleashed lightning and put damsels in distress for 250 years. A horde of sub-genres has followed, from southern gothic to gothic SF, but are some novels more gothic than others? We return to the genre's roots in the 18th century for this definitive guide

    How to tell you're reading a gothic novel – in pictures | Books |

    Insistem: JK foi assassinado

    : Ao contrário do que sustenta a Comissão Nacional da Verdade (CNV), o ex-presidente Juscelino Kubitschek não morreu em acidente de trânsito, mas foi assassinado pela ditadura militar. O levantamento federal despreza evidências, testemunhos e provas da investigação da Comissão Municipal da Verdade Vladimir Herzog (CMVVH) de São Paulo, de onde JK saiu para morrer em 22 de agosto de 1976, após cruzar a divisa São Paulo - Rio de Janeiro, na rodovia Presidente Dutra.

    leia mais:
    JK foi assassinado - Reproduzido da Folha de S.Paulo, 6/5/2014; intertítulo do OI | Observatório da Imprensa | Observatório da Imprensa - Você nunca mais vai ler jornal do mesmo jeito

    O Brasil já ergueu a Taça!

    (Belém, PA) 
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    TV’s Best and Worst Moms: ‘Veep,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ and More


    "Morticia Addams (The Addams Family)

    Most moms who condone torture and murder would get the “bad mommy” label, but for Morticia Addams, that’s just keeping up the family morale."

    see other moms clicking on this link

    TV’s Best and Worst Moms: ‘Veep,’ ‘Game of Thrones,’ and More - The Daily Beast

    Charge Linchada

    (Belo Horizonte, MG) 
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    domingo, maio 11, 2014

    pela cochlea: Sharon Van Etten - Drive All Night" by Bruce Springsteen ....

    I swear I'll drive all night again just to buy you some shoes

    Why 'Game of Thrones' producers ignore the Internet


    "Two weeks ago, it was the rapecest controversy. Then last Sunday, it was about how Game of Thrones is veering away from George R.R. Martin’s books. And let’s not forget the overnight online stardom of Ser Pounce. Through it all, Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss have declined to publicly respond to the waves of online noise. They’re probably very busy, and perhaps they prefer their HBO hit speak for itself (the series keeps setting ratings records, after all). But their silence in regards to week-to-week fandom controversies might also have something to do with this: Last year, the producers made a pact that they would no longer read comments on the Internet."

    read more
    Why 'Game of Thrones' producers ignore the Internet | Inside TV |

    Homenagem às Mães

    (São José do Rio Preto, SP)
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    The Sims You Left Behind


    Honored Leader, it’s so good to see you’ve returned! 

    When you disappeared, in 2003, we had to fend for ourselves. SimNation has changed radically since then. What you see now are the remnants of the Sims you left behind.

    see what happens reading the article: 
    The Sims You Left Behind : The New Yorker

    pela cochlea: Noite Ilustrada - Volta por cima - de Paulo Vanzolini (1962):

    Como o pais recebeu a convocação da Seleção

    (Vitoria, ES)

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    Henry Louis Gates Jr: ‘Brasil é o país que mais renega sua negritude’

    "Embora seja a segunda nação mais negra do mundo, o Brasil despreza suas raízes negras. Quero deixar bem claro: amo o Brasil e não vejo a hora de voltar ao país. Nunca estive num país em que pessoas de raças diferentes ficassem tão confortáveis juntas. As pessoas são iguais, exceto quando se chega à questão socioeconômica. Como me disse Abdias Nascimento durante nosso encontro, o mito da democracia racial foi em parte uma construção ideológica para negar o direito dos negros de reivindicar sua identidade negra ou se organizar politicamente. O Brasil é o país que mais renega sua negritude. Por outro lado, uma importante cultura negra sobreviveu de forma subterrânea. Há mais tradições africanas no Brasil do que em muitos países do Novo Mundo "

    leia entrevisa com BOLIVAR TORRES
    Henry Louis Gates Jr: ‘Brasil é o país que mais renega sua negritude’ - Prosa: O Globo

    Esta charge é uma mae

    (Campinas, SP)

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    O álbum da Copa - Antonio Prata

     Comprei o álbum da Copa e me pergunto se isso representa uma tomada de posição. Afinal, até as 17h do dia 12 de junho, quando será dado o apito inicial para Brasil e Croácia, cada um de nós terá que resolver, internamente, em que ponto se encontra entre o "Pra frente, Brasil!" e o "Não vai ter Copa!".

     leia mais na coluna de ANTONIO PRATA
    Provisório: O álbum da Copa - Antonio Prata

    Alberto Dines : Dias de Ira

    "O que está sendo designado como “manifestação popular” é geralmente uma ação política oportunista, claramente orquestrada para obter ganhos imediatos de autoridades perplexas e atônitas num momento de grande tensão e nervosismo. Chantagem pura. Neste conjunto situam-se as greves inesperadas, intempestivas, fora do calendário, fruto de cisões e disputas entre lideranças sindicais e seus padrinhos políticos.

    Foi o caso da greve de ônibus que paralisou o Rio de Janeiro na última quinta-feira. A incrível depredação de 467 ônibus tem a ver com a Operação Anti-UPP em curso, tática de exploração emocional de cada incidente adotada pela grande delinquência – o crime organizado – com o propósito de desmoralizar a política de pacificação das favelas e debilitar a capacidade de reação do sistema de segurança." 

    leia mais na coluna de ALBERTO DINES


    pela cochlea: John Lennon - Mother

    10 most absurd right-wing Christian billboards


     Apparently, when some conservative Christians ask themselves, “What would Jesus do?” the answer they come up with is, “Put up absurd, offensive billboards, preferably reminding passersby they’re going to hell.”
    We’ve rounded up some of the more controversial billboards that have grabbed headlines lately.

    10 most absurd right-wing Christian billboards -

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