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    sábado, dezembro 17, 2011

    Vai dar pro Santos?

    (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
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    sexta-feira, dezembro 16, 2011

    Post-American Iraq By The Numbers

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    golfAs we pull our troops out following eight years in Iraq, Barack Obama earlier this week called it a “moment of success” that came at heavy cost — “nearly 4,500 Americans made the ultimate sacrifice.” The president made no mention of the cost to Iraqis, so Juan Cole has this to add:

    Population of Iraq: 30 million

    Percentage of Iraqis who lived in slum conditions in 2000: 17

    Percentage of Iraqis
    who live in slum conditions in 2011: 50

    Number of the 30 million Iraqis living below the poverty line: 7 million.

    Number of Iraqis who died of violence 2003-2011: 150,000 to 400,000.

    Orphans in Iraq
    : 4.5 million.

    Orphans living in the streets: 600,000.

    Number of women, mainly widows, who are primary breadwinners in family: 2 million.

    Iraqi refugees displaced by the American war to Syria: 1 million

    Internally displaced persons in Iraq: 1.3 million

    Proportion of displaced persons who have returned home since 2008: 1/8

    Rank of Iraq on Corruption Index among 182 countries: 175



    Home is wherever I´m with you

    Samsung ataca Apple em comercial nos Estados Unidos e sai na frente

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    apple samsung
    No comercial, a fabricante do Galaxy S II fala mal da bateria do iPhone e tira sarro dos applemaníacos, fãs incondicionais da empresa de Steve Jobs. O vídeo ainda mostra as intermináveis filas em frente às lojas da Apple, durante o lançamento do iPhone 4S, e até compara a tela dos smartphones. 

    30 Things I've Learned From Commercials

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    Commercials, as we know, encourage us to eat and drink things, and to buy things at stores. But what deeper lessons are we actually retaining?

    1. Beer makes any event fun.

    5. All highways are empty, so it's easy to drive on them.

    13. If men simply wear deodorant, beautiful women will embrace them.

    18. It's important to close my eyes while biting into hamburgers or drinking sodas.

    19. Immediately after middle aged people take medicine, they like to go outside and barbecue or hang out on the beach with their spouses or families.

    28. Men who need to shave have absolutely no facial hair to begin with.


    Christopher Hitchens on his own death

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    Trial of the Will

    Reviewing familiar principles and maxims in the face of mortal illness, Christopher Hitchens has found one of them increasingly ridiculous: “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger.” Oh, really? Take the case of the philosopher to whom that line is usually attributed, Friedrich Nietzsche, who lost his mind to what was probably syphilis. Or America’s homegrown philosopher Sidney Hook, who survived a stroke and wished he hadn’t. Or, indeed, the author, viciously weakened by the very medicine that is keeping him alive.

    Death has this much to be said for it:
    You don’t have to get out of bed for it.
    Wherever you happen to be
    They bring it to you—free.

    —Kingsley Amis
    Pointed threats, they bluff with scorn
    Suicide remarks are torn
    From the fool’s gold mouthpiece the hollow horn
    Plays wasted words, proves to warn
    That he not busy being born is busy dying.

    —Bob Dylan, “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”

    Christopher Hitchens will find out if there is a God or not.

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    Christopher Hitchens is Dead at 62

    Hitchens lived up to that promise, authoring articles for a number of publications during his final weeks on everything from American politics to his own mortality. Writing for Vanity Fair in a piece that was published only days before he died, Hitchens reaffirmed that he hoped to be fully conscious and awake as he passed away, "in order to 'do' death in the active and not the passive sense," much as he had previously explained to his readers was his wish even before he learned of his cancer and prognosis.

    "I do, still, try to nurture that little flame of curiosity and defiance: willing to play out the string to the end and wishing to be spared nothing that properly belongs to a life span," he wrote.


    quinta-feira, dezembro 15, 2011



    semente no meio da poeira / chã da lavoura primeira / meus avós dançaram / uma

    pancada / um ronco, um estralo / um trupé e um cavalo / guerreiros brincaram /

    quase uma queda / quase uma descida / uma seta remetida / as mãos se apertaram /

    era uma festa / chegada e partida / saudações e despedida / meus avós choraram.

    Drum machine shirt gives new meaning to beating your chest

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    See more at

    See that picture? That is not just an image of a drum machine on a shirt. That is an actual drum machine on a shirt.

    A functioning drum machine.


    Adiamento de votação do Codigo Florestal pode ser uma boa

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    a bancada ruralista deixou-se enredar em uma armadilha, vítima da própria arrogância. Diante da relativa folga com que conseguiram, aparentemente, evitar os vetos da presidenta Dilma Rousseff aos pontos mais polêmicos da nova legislação, como a anistia parcial a desmatadores, a ala do agronegócio imagina poder tornar o código ainda mais simpático aos produtores rurais.

    Perderam, porém, a chance de aprovar a nova legislação no apagar das luzes de 2011, um ano em que a presidenta contou com o Código Florestal como moeda de troca para aplacar ânimos diante do veto às emendas parlamentares. E vão tentar ganhar espaço justamente às vésperas da Rio +20, quando os holofotes internacionais estarão voltados para o Brasil, e Dilma certamente será cobrada em seu compromisso anterior às eleições, quando se declarou contrária ao Código Florestal nos moldes em que já se desenhava.


    Here´s what happens when you get rid of immigrants

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    Alabama Can't Find Anyone to Fill Illegal Immigrants' Old Jobs

    Alabama agriculture officials are stumped over how to keep farms operating now that the state's draconian new immigration law chased away all of the low paid (however illegal) labor. The latest idea: Hire prisoners. The Associate Press reports:

    Farmers have complained of a lack of field hands since parts of the law took effect in late September. Many have said legal residents aren't physically able or mentally tough enough to perform the work, and others won't do so because it doesn't pay enough.


    Você contrataria esta faxineira?

    (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
    (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)
    (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

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    RIP: Joe Simon

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    simon4 RIP: Joe Simon
    Joe Simon, legendary Golden Age co-creator of such characters as Captain America, the Sandman, the Fly and hundreds more, has died at age 98

    Together with his partner Jack Kirby, Simon revolutionized the superhero, horror and romance genres — there pretty much wouldn’t be comics as we know them without the work of these two.


    Governos não têm políticas para jovens que deixaram o tráfico

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    Ex traficante, Z trabalha numa obra do Morro da Babilônia: o jovem, porém, é uma exceção na era das UPPs Foto: Gabriel de Paiva / O Globo
    . Na ótica da polícia, não existe ex-traficante. Vão continuar te caçando e achacando. Mesmo com a ocupação, é muito complicado um jovem aqui deixar o crime. Primeiro, é difícil convencê-lo de que, em vez de R$ 600 por semana, ele vai ganhar isso por um mês de trabalho. Muitos também são menores, não podem trabalhar. Sem apoio, ficam à toa no morro. Grande parte voltou a vender droga, no tráfico formiguinha (de pequenas quantidades) do Alemão ou de outras favelas. Um deles, de 12 anos, morreu esta semana em Niterói. Rodou pelo morro, não encontrou oportunidade e foi traficar em outra comunidade
    Sem políticas públicas específicas em curso para esses egressos do crime, a maioria encontra dificuldades para reinserção na sociedade, muitos estão ociosos e outros acabaram voltando à antiga atividade. Eles compõem a "geração do limbo", como os classifica o economista Ricardo Henriques, responsável pela UPP Social, programa da prefeitura.
    — A mobilidade social dessa geração era muito ligada ao tráfico de drogas, e o prestígio na comunidade também. Preencher esse vazio com políticas públicas sedutoras e que deem perspectivas reais é o nosso maior desafio

    quarta-feira, dezembro 14, 2011

    Listening to Edu Krieger : Graziela

    ai graziela que mora na tela do computador

    nunca te vi mas posso sentir que você é meu grande amor

    Times mineiros já tem adversários para o inicio de 2012

    (Belo Horizonte, MG)
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    The west wrings its hands over dead Gaddafi photos, but war is always hell

    by Jonathan Jones -

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    Death of Gaddafi
    The grisly spectacle of Muammar Gaddafi's death and posthumous career as Misrata's most popular body art exhibit may not have been very edifying
    But nothing in the photographs of Gaddafi wounded, dead, dragged through the streets, and finally on display, rotting in public, has been anything like as disgusting as the thoroughly hypocritical and self-deceiving international reaction to these pictures.

    To get upset by photographs of the dead Gaddafi is to pretend we did not know we went to war at all. It is to fantasise that our own role is so just and proper and decent that it is not bloody at all.

    It's complete nonsense. We totally forget the fact that Nato planes blasted his Tripoli control centres with every chance of killing him. If a French or British raid just happened to have blown him to bits, would we be wringing our hands?
    The stench of doublethink is more noxious than any vapour emerging from the meat store in Misrata.
    . If we don't like what we see we must stop this foolish pretence that war, however "just", can ever be anything but a brutal mess.

    Why Is The Middle Finger Offensive?

    Dica de TOM LEÃO

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    Like the Devil Himself, the middle finger bears many names and adopts many guises. There’s the “single-digit salute” favored by punk rockers and rebellious celebrities. Or the “expressway digit,” a remarkable single-sign code by which California drivers communicate their complex emotions. It’s also known as “the bird,” a poor symbolic avian that is endlessly flipped and flicked. It can be displayed statically, waggling and waving, thrusting with rage, or drooping dispassionately from the hand of a rapper.

    Even before the Romans, an Athenian playwright and comedian named Aristophanes created a feisty character who gives Socrates the finger. It was a unique way to respond to all those irritating questions. Nobody can say Socrates didn’t ask for it.


    Pimentel é pinto!!

    (São Paulo, SP)
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    terça-feira, dezembro 13, 2011

    O efeito Paloff

    (Recife, PE)

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    Jerry Robinson, Joker Creator & Comics Ambassador

    At only 17 years of age, the aspiring artist was hired as an inker by Batman creator Bob Kane, and over the next several years, Robinson offered as much visual input into the character's world and cast as his originator. Robinson co-created Robin, the Boy Wonder and is often credited as the primary influence for arch-villain the Joker,
    In the 1970s, Robinson returned to the national spotlight as a comics historian and advocate for the rights of artists.
    I was a guest curator at the Kennedy Library in Washington, where we did I think the largest show ever held on the comics. Certainly in the US. It was the size of a couple football fields and had all the genres of the comics.
    Shortly thereafter, Robinson became a key figure along with artist Neal Adams in the fight to get Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster proper credit and pay for their hero from DC Comics

    Pela COCHLEA: Barbara & the Browns - My Lover

    My Lover by Barbara & The Browns on Grooveshark



    Fui fazer uma palestra numa cidade estranha. Eu e Ana nos hospedamos num hotel antigo, esquisito, escuro. À medida que as águas da enchente foram alagando os andares tivemos que sair pelo telhado. Os homens quebraram as telhas por dentro, passamos para fora, para uma claridade dura pelo peso da chuva,  e para dentro de uma canoa desequilibrada pela corrente de água lamacenta.


    segunda-feira, dezembro 12, 2011

    Faça o teste: quantos escravos trabalham para voce?

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    a ONG Made in a Free World desenvolveu um teste para mostrar que muitas coisas do nosso cotidiano – do carro que usamos para nos deslocar ao computador que você está usando para ler este blog – passam pelas mãos de pessoas que trabalham sob condições subumanas em todo o mundo.

    Dilma faz o sorteio e ...

    (Rio de Janeiro, RJ)

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    Ilustrador transforma desenhos de crianças em imagens realistas

    Dica de Carlos Alberto Teixeira

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    Tutty: a terceirização da roubalheira

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    O que estão fazendo com as ONGs no Brasil, francamente, não se faz! O voluntariado sem fins lucrativos segue em vias de desmoralização a cada novo escândalo com dinheiro público. A política terceirizou a roubalheira com parceiros não governamentais!


    Dilma sanciona lei que esvazia o IBAMA

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    "Essa medida faz parte do processo de castração acelerada do Ibama e do desmonte da legislação ambiental brasileira. O Ibama está perdendo cada vez mais seu poder de órgão fiscalizador. Daqui a pouco, os fiscais do Ibama vão estar fiscalizando o trânsito na Praça dos Três Poderes por falta do que fazer", declarou.
    "Você está ''empoderando'' quem está muito perto do crime, que são os estados e os municípios. O poder local é muito mais passível de influência por parte do infrator do que o poder federal. É lamentável o processo de esvaziamento do Ibama", reforçou Adário.

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